Manny Pacquiao Possible Next Fight Opponents In (Nov 2014)

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Manny Pacquiao next fight in 2014

Manny Pacquiao got a much needed win against Timothy Bradley in the rematch match on april 13th in las vegas, he demolished Bradley throughout the fight and reclaimed the WBO welterweight title now the champ is hunting for his next fight. We can all safely assume that he won’t be fighting Mayweather this year so that fight is out of the way, what other options do Pacqiao has ?

Winner of Juan Manuel Marquez or Mike Alvarado:

juan manuel marquez vs mike alvarado live stream

Bob Arum who is Pacquiao promoter has stated that the winner of Marquez vs Alvarado might be fighting pacqiuao later in the year. If the winner if Alvarado we surely have a fight on our hands but I am not too sure of Marquez will even consider fight Pacquiao again, because Marquez thinks he defeated Pacqiuao fair and square by knockout and he dont have another to prove anymore. But stangest thing have heppend so you never know.

Winner of Sergio Martinez vs Miguel Cotto:

Martinez vs Cotto Live stream

Another fight which is a distance possibility is against the winner of Miguel Cotto vs Martinez fight, specialy a rematch against Cotto who has improved alot since his defeat in the hands of Pacquiao a few years back. While Martinez is another name in the reckoning if he wins against Cotto and agree to do catchweight. Although that is a long shot.

Other Possibilities ?

Top Rank only have few options for Manny Pacqiuao because all the other names are with Showtime and Al Heyman. Adrien Broner has indicated the possibility of fighting Pacquiao but he did kind of messed up his claim for pacman fight with a terrible showing against Molina.

Danny Garcia, Lucas Matthysse and Marcos Maidana:

Garcia vs Matthysse fight tickets

Matthysse is a solid Argentina fighter and if Matthysse can move up he is an option alongside Floyd Mawyeather recent opponent Marcos Maidana. Maidana is looking for a rematch against Mayweather but if it does not materialize we might see Maidana calling out Pacquiao which will make alot of sense.

Danny Garcia is another name but not for 2014 as his trainer and father wants him to fight one more time at 140 before moving up the weight at 147.

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