Luke Campbell Vs Tommy Coyle (Boxing): Live stream, Time, Date, Broadcaster list, Head to head, Prediction, TV info

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Luke Campbell Vs Tommy Coyle – preview

Luke Campbell Vs Tommy Coyle

Match Information –

Match of – Luke Campbell VS Tommy Coyle (live stream online on broadcasting TV channel to watch free)

Type – WBC International lightweight title

Date – 1st August 2015

Venue – Craven park Stadium

Place – Hull, Yorkshire

Head to Head –

Matches Played – 0

Luke Campbell –0

Tommy Coyle – 0

Tie/ Abandon – 0

Personal Information –

Here is all the important information needed about both boxer –

Tommy Coyle –

Country – United Kingdom

Height – unknown

Stance – Orthodox

Nickname – Boom Boom

Record –

  • Total fights – 23
  • Wins – 21
  • KO – 10
  • Losses – 2
  • Lost by KO – 1
  • Tie/ Draw – 0

Tommy Coyle –

Country – England

Height – 175 cm

Stance – Southpaw

Nickname – Cool hand

Record –

  • Bouts – 11
  • Wins – 11
  • Losses – 0
  • KO – 9
  • Lost by KO – 0
  • Tie/ Draw – 0

Preview –

Luke Cambell aka “Cool Hand” will be needing to cool himself down at a big level as he is most probably be having a really tough match ahead. If he loses the cool then he might lose his chance to win this match. He is not much experienced and he is new to the world of boxing but he showed amazing promise and even if he is the underdog in this match, everyone knows that he has the ability to win this match. If he can land some clean shots while manage to keep his defense up then he may be able to win this match.

Our pic for this match is Tommy Coyle aka “Boom Boom”. As his name suggests, he can really hit hard and he is better in every aspect. He will be hoping for a dominant win in this match and even though he can’t hit very hard, he is more balanced which may prove to be his greatest card in this match. His defense is however is not that strong as he gets weaker if he takes a few hits and thus he should be very careful with himself in this match.

Prediction –

We predict that Tommy Coyle will win this match.

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