KO King! Vijender Singh Beats Alexander Horvath to Extend Unbeaten Record

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Sunday, March 13th, 2016 | 0


Indian boxing sensation Vijender Singh continued his dream start to pro career as he knocked out Hungarian rival Alexander Horvath inside three rounds to make it four career wins in as many matches. Interestingly, the middle-weight pugilist has won all of his bouts via knock outs (KOs).

There was a bit of acrimony between the duo heading in to the battle, with both fighters throwing verbal volleys at each other. While Horvath promised his fancied opponent with dire consequences stating that de dines on snake blood, Vijender hit back saying that he’s against animal sacrifice.

It was time for actual action at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on Saturday night. As the bell rang, Horvath was the aggressive of the two and moved around the ring speedily to deceive Vijender, who on the contrary, was keen on observing his opponent’s uncanny maneuver first.

Horvath hit a few aimless punches, while Vijender punched rare but more accurate in the first round. No wonder, the Indian took the initial honors. Surprisingly though, Horvath appeared worn-out in the second, as he could do nothing but hang on despite taking a few blows onto his face.

The stage was all set for Vijender to pile on the misery for Horvath in the third round. He unleashed a couple of punches on Horvath’s head, who stumbled for a moment before regaining his stance. Then came a powerful uppercut, followed by a knock on the left shoulder that put Horvath down.

The referee set in motion his count only to see a bushed Horvath just watch by in disdain, as Vijender was officially announced the winner. Just as everyone, the 30-year-old Indian seemed surprised with Horvath’s capitulation as he moved on to pose for the shutterbugs thereafter.

“I’m thrilled to get my fourth professional victory and excited for what the future holds for me. I’m happy to get another knockout win and really want to push on from here with some big performances is 2016.” Vijender was quoted as saying by Boxing Scene.

“You can expect some big performances from me this year as I look to move up the ranks,” added the former Olympics and World Championship medalist, who is scheduled for a homecoming in June this year, where he is slated to feature in his first title bout for the WBO Asian Champion.






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