Julian Ramirez vs Hugo Partida (Boxing): Live stream, Time, Date, TV channel list, Head to head, Prediction, Watch online

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Julian Ramirez vs. Hugo Partida – Boxing Preview

In the Featherweight match in betweenJulian Ramirez vs. Hugo Partida will be kick off at 6th August, 2015 and match will take venue at Belasco Theater, Los Angeles, California, USA on the match day at 10 PM ET, 4 PM GMT.

Julian Ramirez vs Hugo Partida

Match Overview:

Match              :           Julian Ramirez vs. Hugo Partida

Tournament     :           Premier Boxing Championship

Date                :           6 August 2015, Tuesday.

Time                :           10 PM ET, 4 PM GMT

Venue              :           Belasco Theater, Los Angeles, California, USA

Julian Ramirez is the 22 years American boxer so far played 14 pro matches in his career have all 14 wins with 8 KO’s. He is the 88th in the world boxing record and 7th in the American out of 116. In the age of 18 at 2012 made his debut in the pro boxing, whit a stance of southpaw.

Last match for his was at this year’s April against Raul Hidalgo in 125 lbs matches won by 23 – 12 at Belasco Theater, Los Angeles, California, USA. At the debut match at 2012 played against Javier Damien at 123.5 lbs at Phoenix Club, Anaheim, California, USA by KO’s

Julian Ramirez Profile:

Age                 :           22

Records          :           14 – 0 – 0

KOS                :           8 (57%)

Height             :           5’7”

Stance             :           Southpaw

Reach              :           69” (175 CM)

Hugo Partida Profile:

Age                 :           27

Division           :           Super Bantamweight

Records           :           21 – 5 – 2

KOS                :           16 (57%) wins and 3 KO’s defeats.

Stance             :           Orthodox

So far played 28 matches in his career where he was made his debut at the age of 17 and won 21 games with 16 ko’s, lost 5 games with 3 ko’s and 2 was drawn. Last match was at last year against Albert Pagara in 122 lbs and lost by KO’s of 20-0 at Cebu City Waterfront Hotel & Casino. Last match wins was against Saul Morales at the same year by 11-2 at Gimnasio Nazario Ortiz Garza, Saltillo.

Hugo Partida’s first match was at 2005 against Edgar Miranda by KO’s and first drawn was at 2005 against Eden Marquez in 116.5 lbs match.

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