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Juan Carlos Payano vs. Rau’shee Warren – Boxing Preview

Juan Carlo is defending the WBA Bantamweight title and he will play against 3 time’s Amateur title winner Warren, the match will take time at 2nd August, 2015, Sunday at 9 PM ET or 3 PM GMT. And taken venue is Full Sail Live, Winter Park, Florida.

Juan Carlos Payano vs Rau'shee Warren

Match Overview:

Match              :           Juan Carlos Payano vs. Rau’shee Warren

Tournament     :           Premier Boxing Championship

Date                :           2 August 2015, Sunday.

Time                :           9 PM ET, 3 PM GMT

Venue              :           Full Sail Live, Winter Park, Florida

Rau’shee Warren is the 3 time Olympian American boxer have so far 14 matches in his career and here 13 wins for him and 1 other was finished after no contest. He is the 2007 world Amateur Boxing Championship Gold title winner and also won Bronze medal in 2005 and 2011 in the same tournament. This 28 years boxer have so far 4 knock out wins in his 13 professional international matches.

In the pro career, his first match was at 2012 against Puerto Rico’s Luis Rivera and so far his last match vs. Maxican Javier Gallo. Out of 4, first knock out comes at 2013 against American Richard Hernandez.

Rau’shee WarrenProfile:

Age                 :           28

Records          :           13-0-0

KOS                :           4 (29%)

Height             :           5’4”

Weight                        :           118 Ibs (53.64 Kg)

Stance             :           Southpow

Reach              :           64.5” (164 CM)

Juan Carlos Payano is the current WBA Bantamweight title defender, where he was won at the last year after defeating Panama’s Asnelmo Moreno. That’s his last match and last victories so far as well. Juan Carlos is the 2006th Central American and Caribbean Games gold medalist. And 2 time’s Pan American Games silver medalist. First was at 2003 and last at 2007.

Juan turned into his pro career at 2010 by the match against Aneudy Mesa and his first KO was against Daniel Veras on the same year.

Juan Carlos Payano Profile:

Age                 :           31

Records           :           16-0-0

KOS                :           8 (50%)

Height             :           5’5” (1.65 m)

Weight                        :           142 Ibs (64.55 Kg)

Stance             :           Southpow

Reach              :           64” (164 CM)

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