Jose Felix Jr Vs Yakubu Amidu (Boxing): Live stream, Statistics, records, Prediction, Watch online, TV info

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Jose Felix Jr Vs Yakubu Amidu – preview

Jose Felix Jr Vs Yakubu Amidu

Match Information –

Match of – Jose Felix Jr Vs Yakubu Amidu

Type – Lightweight

Date – 13th June 2015

Time – TBA

Venue – Florentine Gardens, Hollywood

Place – California, USA

Media Coverage –

NBC will be showing this match live on USA. But there is no reason of concern as the match will also be available on the internet. So anyone who has a valid internet connection can watch this match live from anywhere of the world.

Personal Information –

Here is all the personal information needed about both of these fighters –

Jose Felix Jr –

Country – Mexico

Height – 174 cm

Reach – 179 cm

Stance – orthodox

Nickname – Josesito Jr

Record –

  • Fights – 31
  • Wins – 29
  • KO – 24
  • Lost – 1
  • Draw – 1

Yakubu Amidu –

Country –Ghana

Height – 173 cm

Stance – Orthodox

Alias – Black mamba

Record –

  • Fights – 29
  • Wins – 21
  • KO – 19
  • Lost – 6
  • Lost by KO – 2
  • Draw – 2

Preview –

Amidu is a fierce fighter. The African peoples are always known for their physical capability. Amidu is no different. He has one hell of a punch and to be frank he has the power to defeat anyone that comes against him. However, what he lacks is defense and because of that he will be entering the arena as the underdog. However, if he can connect properly then he has good amount of chance of winning this fight as well.

Felix on the other hand is quite a balanced fighter. His hits may not be as powerful as his opponents but they are quite powerful as well. On top of that, he can put up a good defense quite easily. This is what makes him the favorite in this match. If he can hold on while keeping the pressure on his opponent then this fight can not get any easier for him.

Prediction –

We predict that Jose Felix Jr will win this match.

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