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United Kingdom is under the fever of probably the biggest boxing fight in the history of UK, the much awaited and talked about Froch vs Groves rematch taking place on 31st May 2014. Heading into the fight Groves has kept his trash talk and insults on froch going and we are going to take a look at his early career and a few facts about his life.

George groves life factsA Bright but Shy Teenage Boy:

People who know groves tell that he was a “shy young boy” in his teens, started his young career in kickboxing and won multiple amature titles before he moved on to become one of the brightest boxers in british boxing.

Groves went to Sheen International, a local comprehensive school in london and he was pretty bright in studies specialy maths.

Hammersmith Boy and the family:

George Groves belongs to a working-class (middle-class) family and was brought up in the neighbourhood of Field Road, Fulham in london (now called hammersmith). His father Donny Groves was also an amature boxer but never made it to the professional ranks while his mum Yvonne worked at stores like Decca Records and Playboy in king cross.

Groves Snr admits that he was a pushy parent who pushed groves all the way not being spiteful father but a tough one who pushed Groves harder into boxing because he knew he has talent.

What his mother Yvonne Groves has to say about Groves ?

Mum Yvonne has always been protective of his kids, she agrees that Groves was a quality young boy who had manners and could behave himself with older people. Groves also played football at young age in school but he was never good at it and was left out of the school football team.

George Groves & Wife Sophie Groves:

Groves meet Shphie when he was just 4-5 year old. His mum use to take him to this “Sands End playgroup” where Sopie and groves meet and they became best friends. Grew up together and now they are husband and wife. (thats one sweet story)

Early Kickboxing Career and Dale Youth Boxing Club:

Groves learned his fighting skills at the early age in kickboxing as he used to go this dale youth boxing club in Shepherd’s Bush. His first kickboxing trainer remember groves early days with him fighting older guys which kind of made his stronger.

George Groves & James DeGale:

Groves and Degale both came out of the same Dale Youth boxing club from shepherd bush and have sparred all their youth and amture careers. They both first fought at the amatures where Groves was successfull while a high profile domestic professional fight took place a few years ago where Groves again beet Degale.

Groves Trainer Adam Booth and David Haye’s Impact:

Groves had a long and success partnership with one of the best british trainers in Adam Booth. Although recently they have parted ways and went on to legal battles but Booth still have good memories of early years of groves. Groves travled alot with Booth and David Haye when he was fighting and he got so much experience of being around all the high profile fights of David Haye.

Now Groves and Booth are no longer friends and thats down to trust issue which groves has on Booth. Groves went on to arrange everything for the froch vs groves fight himself from flying to US to make a case for rematch in front of international boxing commission to signing the deal of the most high profile fight of his career. Arranging sponsors and his media duties. Groves is a one man show.

Groves Solved Rubik’s Cube in just over 2 minutes:

George Groves Career Highlights:

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