Gary O’Sullivan Vs Melvin Betancourt (Boxing): Personal statistics, records, analysis, information, Details, Brief

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Gary O’Sullivan Vs Melvin Betancourt – preview

Gary O'Sullivan Vs Melvin Betancourt

Match Information –

Match of – Gary O’Sullivan Vs Melvin Betancourt

Type – Middleweight

Date – 23rd May 2015

Venue – Madison Square garden Arena

Place – New York


Live Broadcasters –

Spike TV, Sky Sports, NBC and many other channels will be showing this match in their respective local areas. The match may not be on internet as it’s not confirmed yet. But most probably, Sky Sports will be showing this match online as well.


Information and Record –

Here is some information on both players and their record –

Melvin Batencourt –

  • Country – Dominican Republic
  • Full name – Melvin Vetancourd

Record –

  • Total Bouts – 30
  • Wins – 29
  • Wins by KO – 23
  • Lost – 1
  • Lost by KO – 1
  • Draw – 0

Gary O’Sullivan –

  • Country – Ireland
  • Alias – Spike

Record –

  • Bouts – 21
  • Wins – 20
  • Loss – 1
  • KO – 13
  • Draw – 0


Preview –

O’Sullivan is practicing hard with his coach to defeat his opponent this time. He was found doing swimming for increasing flexibility and chopping trees for increasing even more power as his opponent is hard hitter this time. He said to the press –

“Everything is going the way I plan as always. I’ve a great coach, he always makes sure I’m on top of things. I’ve done a lot of swimming for this fight, chopping down trees and working on my power”.

He will be in for a tough fight and how I see things, he will play this match as the underdog.


On the other hand, Betancourt is more polite and more threatening. He said to him, Sullivan appeared a hard hitting wild man. He said –

“I’ve just seen one short clip. He looks wild, powerful, but wild. As always, I’ll be going for the knockout. He won’t have to go looking for me and it’s definitely going to be an exciting fight for people. Both of us are big punchers, somebody’s probably going to get knocked out. I predict it’s going to be him.”

He knows that just like him, his opponent can hit hard and he is preparing depending on that. He will be playing this match as the favorite but he will have tough time if he wants to win this match.


Prediction –

We predict that Melvin Betancourt will win this match but it will be a close fight.

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