Froch vs Groves 2014 Predictions – Who Will Win Rematch ?

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Froch vs Groves Live Stream 2014

Easily the best fight happended in United Kingdom in 2013, Carl Froch beat George Groves via controversial stoppage which was a recieved with massive disapointment across UK. Since than George Groves has been motoring his mouth for a rematch while Froch wanted to end his career in Las Vegas against one so called elite boxers, but the kind of money is at stake for the Froch vs Groves 2, it was invitable that Froch had to do a rematch or risk his legacy.

What to expect in 2014 Rematch ?

There is a tue bad blood between the two an they both a very good boxers which makes the fight so much more anticipated by the fans, more than 60,000 tickets were sold within first couple of days when the ticket sale process started which goes to show how eager is the british audiance for the what could be the best fight in history of british boxing. Check out how to watch the free live stream of rematch.

Some taste of what to expect:

Froch vs Groves Full Fight Video

If the rematch is anywhere near as good as the first fight we are in for a treat, Groves has promised to finish the job within 3 rounds while Froch is acting more collected in the build up to the fight. Which kind of setup a a fight and finish of highest level on 31st May 2014 at Wembley Arena, London.

How Much Carl Froch Net WorthPredictions:

Groves is a quality boxer and he did had Froch in all sorts of trouble in the first fight, but Carl Froch will come prepared and with alot more respect for his opponent in the rematch. Froch suffered a bad knock down in the first round and that kind of put him on the back-foot. I think this time he will come more prepared and won’t be over confident in exposing his lack of defense. He will give a it a few round, try to be compact and in 5th round onwards start to put pressur on groves.

George on the other hand, will have to perform even better than the last fight and most importantly get his stamina up incase the fight go the distance. He will kill his chances if he comes into the rematch with over-confidence or try to war with froch in the early rounds. I think it this fight will be pretty similar to the first one and will finish in the same way.

Froch vs Groves The Number Game:

Eddie Hearns the promoter is looking to have atleast 70,000 fans in Wembley which will make it the highest attended boxing fight in history of boxing in Britain.

According to official sources, when the ticket sale started, 1000 tickets a minute were sold in the first couple of hours.

The gate reciepts might return around £6 million alone.

While the broadcasting right sale with SkySports is suppose to be around 1 millions PPV sales which will bring in £17 million plus the overseas broadcast rights from USA and other countries will make it total of £20 million from UK and Oversees combined. Check out how to watch the fight on TV and online ?

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