Carl Froch Beat Groves In the Rematch at Wembley

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So there you have it, Froch knock out Groves in the 8th round and had the better of the first half of the fight. Froch wants to end the career in Las Vegas

There are massive mind games going on even leading up to the fight week and Froch looks to be more composed but nobody knows whats going on in his heart. Although he secured a weigh-in time which kind of suits him. The official Weigh-in will take place a day before the fight on 30 May 2014 and the timing has been set to 01:00 PM BST which gives both fighters more chance to put on some more weight.

Froch vs Groves II – Fight Review: (8th round knockout & more)

Froch knockout Groves 2014 rematch

Some of the american boxing analyst and fans were absolutely stunned what they saw on 31st May 2014, Froch vs Groves II will go down in the history books being one of the most talked about and most anticipated fight in the history. 80,000 fans squeezed in Wembley Stadium while millions watching from home has kind of brought british boxing much needed spotlight.

The start of the fight was not as explosive like the first fight as Froch was more compact and he had a better gameplan this time around. His jab was making it difficult for Groves to get going and land his perfect right hand shots. Untill the 7 round froch was slightly ahead on points but everything changes in the 8th round, when just as Groves was getting into his “groove” froch produced one of the nastiest knockout punch with left-right combo and it not only floored Groves but ended this debate once it for all.

Groves vs Froch II Results
 Fight  Result How
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