5 Most Difficult Fights In Floyd Mayweather Career

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, May 5th, 2014 | 0

Mayweather pocketed just over $40 million from his latest showdown against Marcos Maidana and it was probably one of his toughest fights, and boxing fans would know that he did not had many difficult fights in his 46-0 career. Today we are going to take a look at top 5 of his most difficult fights.

#1. Jose Luis Castillo – 2002

Castillo vs mayweather

Castillo is a quality mexican boxer and he fought Mayweather in 2002 when both of them were at the peak of their careers, Floyd Mayweather made it easy work in the opening rounds but Castillo came to life in the 2nd half of the fights. He was not getting tired and put a punishment on Mayweather which probably he is worst in the Champions career so far.

Referee dedicted a point of Castillo in 10th round when he hit Mayweather after Referee had stop the fight, but still the last 4 rounds were easily belonged to Castillo. But Mayweather won the fight on a controvertial decision which lead to rematch where Mayweather just tore Castillo apart.

#2. Marcos Maidana – 2014

Mayweather beat Maidana

Maidana fight was as close as somebody has come of beating mayweather in last 1 decade, Maidana came with a gameplay of throwing loads of punches and thats exactly what he did. According to stats Marcos Maidana landed 221 punches but his accuracy was pooer at just 24% while Mayweather landed around 230 punches with accuracy of 54%.

Mayweather won the fight on points decision, after one judge scored 114-114 as a draw while the other two scored it 117-112 and 117-112. After the fight Maidana just stated that cut the bull**** and give a fu***** rematch.

#3. Shane Mosley (2010)

Mayweather vs Shane Mosely

Masley had power and speed which previous opponents of Mayweather never had, he came with a gameplay to put Floyd underpressure early in the rounds. The first round was pretty even but in the 2nd round Cotto caught Mayweather with a massive left hook which got Mayweather trumbling but credit to the champion he ate it and came out hard in the later rounds and made it easy work towards the end against Mosley who got tired and barely finished the fight.

The 2nd round of this fight was closest an opponent has come to put Mawyeather off his game, in the fight it was evident Mawyeather is under-prepared but Mosley failed to captilized on his early success and faded badly later in the fight.

#4. Miguel Cotto (2012)

Mayweather Jr took on Miguel Cotto in 2012 and that was the fight where Mayweather had to prove he can cut it against a few pounds heavier fighter. Cotto had lost convincingly against Pacqiuao earlier and he came into the fight as underdog.

In the first few rounds we saw a very familiar pattern as Cotto tried to put eveything against Floyd who had answer for every move Cotto made. But In the later round Cotto did connect a few lusty blows which had Mayweather in spot of bother but he always find a way out to beat opponents. He won the fight on decision and it was pretty good performance from Cotto but not enough to get a ematch.

#5. Oscar De La Hoya (2007)

Now this was tauted as the biggest fight of the century, with two of the biggest boxing names in USA going head to head it turned out to be a classice affair. Mayweather of course younger and hungry got a decision win against De La hoya who was on the down hill spiral in terms of his career at the points.

In the first 5-6 rounds mayweather made it easy work, threw more punches landed more and his movement around the ring was enough to keep De La Hoya at bay. But golden boy came into his own in the later rounds and made it a good fight but not close enough to win.

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