Floyd Mayweather Retirement Imminent For 2015

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Thursday, September 11th, 2014 | 0

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Modern boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr. has had an illustrious 18-year career and is widely regarded as the greatest welterweight boxer of this era. In the lead up to his big rematch with Marcos Maidana though, “Money” is talking about retirement plans….Is a Floyd Mayweather retirment imminent for 2015?

You’d be hard pushed to find any fighter in the last 10 years that can match the skill, fluidity and movement of Floyd Mayweather Jr, and so this next part could be a blow for pro-boxing. Mayweather plans on calling it a day on an 18-year career after three more fights. That number is inclusive of Sturday Sept. 13th when he faces Maidana at “Mayhem”, and two more in May/September of 2015.

By that time, Mayweather’s $20 million contract with Showtime will have expired, although I imagine they will be more than willing to extend that. Check out what Mayweather said on his retirement plans:

“I only have two more fights left. After the next two fights, I just want to build the Mayweather Promotions brand,” Mayweather said in Las Vegas on Tuesday. “Every day, you don’t feel the same, but as of right now my focus is Maidana. I can’t focus on the other two fights after that. I have to focus on Maidana as of right now. After that, we can’t say who the next two [opponents] are going to be. I’m pretty sure the next two are going to be more exciting fights. My next fight is in May and my last fight is in September. A year from now will be my last fight.”

So we could well be seeing the last three fights of one of boxing’s true greats, at least a modern era great anyway. Will he be able to make it to the fabled title of ‘unbeaten champion’? If so, the history books will be plastered with the name Floyd Mayweather. Already aged 37, many pundits feel that Mayweather has lost a little speed, a bit of his edge, so I’m keen to see how he responds on Saturday.

How would you feel about a potential Floyd Mayweather retirement in 2015, does he have anything more to prove?

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