Floyd Mayweather Next Fight Date 2014 Opponents

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Floyd Mayweather next fight in 2014 date opponent

Floyd Mayweather maintained his current unbeaten record in dominate win over Saul Canelo Alvarez on the weekend, his absolute schooled canelo every minute of almost every round. Now he has 4 fights left on his Showtime deal and as the things are going looks like he is taking 1 easy fight and 1 little bit harder, his next potential fight date will be May 2014 and the opponent list is long and we take a look at the possibilities.

Mayweather vs maidana live streamMayweather vs Maidana: 3rd May 2014nike Logo

Mayweather will be fighting Marcos Maidana on 3rd May at MGM Grand, Las Vegas. Its going to be a cracker with Amir Khan fighting collazo while Broner is making come back against Carlos Molina on the undercard of the highly loaded PPV.

Amir Khan Earning Per fight#1. Amir khan
Record: 28-3-0 (19 KO)

Mayweather Sr said a couple of months ago, if there is one boxer he wants his son to whoop thats British-Pakistan star Amir Khan, and thats makes sense in alot of ways. First everybody knows Amir khan has a week chin and he is very aggressive and thats exactly what mayweather likes plus Khan will bring his fair share of fan base to the fight and with fighting Khan mayweather will make more money than any of the other potential fighters he might face, but first Khan has to get through Alexander.
Danny Garcia career earnings#2. Danny Garcia
Record: 27-0-0 (16 KO)

Richard Schaefer and Showtime boxing made a great move of putting together Lucas Matthysse vs Danny Garcia in the undercard of Mayweather, that move was to make boxing fans believe that winner of this fight will have a chance against mayweather and thats exactly what happened. Everyone now rating Danny Garcia as the next big thing and his dad labeled the fight against Mayweather as “Holy War” It is an options but I think Garcia need one more good win to get a Mayweather Fight.
Timothy Bradley#3. Timothy Bradely
Record: 30-0-0 (12 KO)

Bradely is fight Marques in November and a win in this fight will surely put him as prime candidate for a bout against Mayweather. Bradely has couple of great wins and he defeated Pacquiao in controvertial decision. Timothy Bradely has defeated some of the big names and if he beat Marquez he deserve a shot at Mayweather more than anyone else.
manny pacquaio net worth#4. Manny Pacquiao
Record: 54-5-2 (38 KO)

Okay if Pacquiao finaly get his focus back and get a good win over Brendan Rios, has to be in style he will be back in contention for the Mayweather fight. Now boxing experts dont rate him as the one to beat Mayweather but this fight will sell and will set record even though it has lost so much interest after couple of defeats for Pacquioa in his recent fights.


#5. Sergio Martinez

#6. Gennady Golovkin

#7. Juan Manuel Marquez (Rematch)

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  • jasper williams

    floyd mayweather will beat dogshit out danny garcia

    • Jdrama

      You funny asf , swear to god he would

  • Bob Leonard

    Gennady Golovkin would knock Mayweather out by the 9th round.
    Mayweather would never fight him. or Pacquiao.

  • tim

    Look man this is to you un-educated boxing fans that are dumb an blind to say danny garcia is ready for mayweather,,,,like are you kidding me ,,,that’ll just be an ass whipping an paycheck for garcia all in one day,, mayweather is the best an i dont think anyone is ready for him yet,, pacquiao is prob the only real contender stop the garcia band wagon crap,,, cmon guys stop it really,, who has he ( garcia ) really beat cmon man!!!

  • Eris

    Mayweather beat pacquaio by knock out in the late round.

  • Getmoney

    Pacquiao has alot of problems with master boxers. He had problems with marquez, and marquez legs are not good he fights in spots. Listen if money fights the same fight he fought for the hatton fight. Pacquiao will get knock out. Mayweather has to fight going backwards and pacquiao will crash right into a knock blow. He tense to jump in and money just has too time him coming in for knock our win.

  • frank enberries

    This is so poorly written, I had to stop reading. WOW

  • Jdrama

    All them contenders pooh , Lmfao every fight too easyyyy

  • william davis

    floyd mayweather is the best fighter of this time. and i hear you talking shit on him. to tell you the way it is you can put any fighter in floyds 147 pounds and he would beat shit out of them. you know why? becouse he is a god gifted fighter.he thinks well he is smart you cant out box him. he is a great fighter. he makes good fights look silly lol

  • onam emmet

    Doc, you gotta focus on your spelling and punctuation. Real amateur journalism here.

  • manny

    no more talk… pls fight Pacman!

  • big fan

    Money. And Danny….

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