Evgeny Gradovich Vs Lee Selby (Boxing): Live stream, Time, Date, Broadcaster list, Statistics, Analysis, Watch online

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Evgeny Gradovich Vs Lee Selby – preview

Match Information –

Match of – Evgeny Gradovich Vs Lee Selby (Boxing Live stream online on telecasting TV channel to free watch)

Type – IBF Featherweight Title Match

Date – 30th May 2015

Venue – 02 Arena

Place – London, UK

Channels –

Sky Box Office along with Sky Networks will be broadcasting this match live in their respective areas. Box Nation may also broadcast this match live in UK. The fight will also be on internet and thus anyone with a valid internet connection can watch this match from anywhere of the world.

Information and Record –

Here is all the information about these two fighters –

Evgeny Gradovic –

Height – 173 cm

Reach – 170 cm

Alias – El Ruso Mexicano

Stance – Orthodox

Record –

  • Bouts – 20
  • Wins – 19
  • Loss – 0
  • Draw – 1
  • KO – 9

Lee Selby –

Height – 174 cm

Reach – 177cm

Stance – Orthodox

Record –

  • Total fights – 21
  • Wins – 20
  • Loss – 1
  • KO – 8
  • Draw – 0

Preview –

The native Selby is quite close to title and he is ready to claim it. The only problem is, his opponent might end up too much for him. As the native boy, he will be getting home advantage but that doesn’t guarantee a win. His opponent’s so far have been quite shorter than him and that always gave him the height advantage. But this time that will not work as his opponent is as tall as him. Does he possess enough to make a come back in this fight? We have to wait a few more days to find that out.

Gradovich is the favorite here. He is known for hitting hard and he is putting everything in the line as the defending champion.

He said – “I am not going to let him take the title from me. I worked too hard to get it and even harder to keep it. I love being the World champion, it’s the best feeling in the world and I want to keep that feeling going.”

He is tough fighter and he has the capability to make things happen. He can corner Selby quite easily and with his power, even a KO may be quite possible.

Prediction –

We predict that Evgeny Gradovic will win this match.

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