Erislandy Lara Vs Delvin Rodriguez (Boxing): Head to head, Statistics, Records, News update

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Erislandy Lara Vs Delvin Rodriguez – preview

Erislandy Lara Vs Delvin Rodriguez

Match Information –

Match of – Erislandy Lara VS Delvin Rodriguez

Type – Light middleweight title

Time – TBD

Venue – UIC Pavillion

Place – Chicago, Illions

Rounds – 12 rounds

TV List –

The match will be available online for most viewers of the world and anyone with a valid internet connection can watch this match live from wherever they live.

Personal records –

Here is the useful information about both players –

Delving Rodriguez –

Height – 183 cm

Alias – The jaguar

Stance – Orthodox

Record –

  • Total fights – 39
  • Wins – 28
  • KO – 16
  • Losses – 7
  • Draws – 4

Erislandy Lara –

Height – 175 cm

Reach – 191 cm

Alias – El Oro de Guantanamo / The American Dream

Stance – Southpaw

Record –

  • Total Fights – 24
  • Wins – 20
  • KO – 12
  • Losses – 2
  • Draws – 2

Preview –

The height advantage that Rodriguez will get in this match might end up being the deciding factor for this one. In boxing, power and height can prove more fatal than any other and he is ahead in terms of both. He is no super fighter and his career has seen some terrible performances but if the question is who has the edge then the answer would be Rodriguez. That edge makes him the favorite to win this match and he will be looking forward to that.

The match will not be an easy fight as this is going to be war. Lara is no easy opponent. In terms of record, he suffered much less loss while holding up a much better win ratio. He also knows how to hit good and his reach is long as well. But he is quite shorter and that is his disadvantage in this match. Thus he will be playing the match as the underdog.

Prediction –

We predict that delving Rodriguez will win this match.

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