Diego Magdaleno VS Jose A Gonzalez (Boxing): Live stream, Statistics, records, Head to head, Prediction, Watch online

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, June 13th, 2015 | 0

Diego Magdaleno VS Jose A Gonzalez – preview

Diego Magdaleno VS Jose A Gonzalez

Match Information –

Match of – Diego Magdaleno Vs Jose A Gonzalez

Type – lightweight

Date – 26th June 2015

Time – TBD

Venue – State Farm Arena

Place – Texas, USA

Media coverage –

NBC and BOX nations may broadcast this match in their respective local areas. Other than that, the match will also be available on the internet and thus anyone with a valid internet connection can watch this match live from anywhere of the world.

Personal Information –

Here is all the personal information of both of these players –

Diego Magdaleno –

Country – USA

Height – 168 cm

Reach – 175 cm

Stance – Southpaw

Alias – Mr. Superb

Record –

  • Total bouts – 28
  • Wins – 27
  • KO – 11
  • Lost – 1
  • Draw – 0

Jose A Gonzalez –

Country – Puerto Rico

Height – 173 cm

Reach – 185 cm

Stance – Orthodox

Alias – Chelo

Record –

  • Total bouts – 25
  • Wins – 24
  • KO – 19
  • Loss – 1
  • Loss by KO – 1
  • Draw – 0

Preview –

Undoubtedly the home boy is the favorite in this match. He is a good fighter and he can take some hits and still fight back. The biggest advantage he has is the home supporters who will be coming to cheer him on. The stage is set for him and all he needs to do is go there and win it all. He may be the favorite but that doesn’t mean he will have an easy wins and thus he must be prepared for a war on this day.

The only one place that gives Gonzalez and overwhelming advantage is the fact that he really can hit very hard. But on the contrary, he can’t take many hits and stand still. He will be entering the arena in this match as the underdog. However, his mean punch can make a change to who wins the match in the end. So, counting him out of this match would be a big mistake.

Prediction –

We predict that Diego Magdaleno will win this match but the match will be very close and Gonzalez fans should be ready to celebrate as well.

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