Dave Ryan Vs John Wayne Hibbert (Boxing): Live stream, Personal info, Records, stats, TV channel info, Watch online, Preview

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Dave Ryan Vs John Wayne Hibbert – Preview

Dave Ryan Vs John Wayne Hibbert

Match Information –

Match of – Dave Ryan Vs John Wayne Hibbert (Boxing match live stream online on telecasting TV channel to free watch)

Type – Commonwealth Light–Welterweight Title Rematch

Date – 30th May 2015

Venue – 02 Arena

Place – Greenwich, London, UK

TV Channels –

Sky Sports Box Office and some other channels may be showing this match live on their respective localities. The match will also be available on the internet. So to watch this fight, all anyone would need is a valid internet connection.

Personal Information and record –

Here is some useful information about both boxers –

Dave Ryan –

  • Height – 178 cm
  • Nickname – Rocky
  • Stance – Orthodox
  • Country – United Kingdom

Record –

  • Total Fight – 24
  • Win – 16
  • KO – 3
  • Losses – 8
  • Draw – 0

John Wayne Hibbert –

  • Stance – Orthodox
  • Country – United Kingdom

Record –

  • Total Fight – 17
  • Win – 15
  • KO – 9
  • Losses – 2
  • Draw – 0

Preview –

Dave Ryan aka “Rocky” have had a tough career so far and he is not looking as good as he should be. He is loosing matches in regular interval and he is taking a lot of hits. Basically saying, he is more like moderate at everything than having something that he is good at. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he is a fighter and on his day he can defeat anyone. He may be playing this match as the underdog but his opponent should be ready for a war.

John Wayne Hibbert has a better bout record than his opponent. He is the favorite in this match as well. He only lost twice in his 18 fights so far and showed some great performance. He can hit well but not that hard. However, it will still hurt if his opponents get hit a few times. That is what makes him so dangerous. He should have the edge in this match and be on the front foot. But nothing is certain in the ring and he should be prepared for a long fight.

Prediction –

We predict that John Wayne Hibbert will win this match.

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