Craig Baker Vs Edwin Rodriguez (Boxing): Personal information, records, Preview, News & Bio

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Craig Baker Vs Edwin Rodriguez – Preview

Craig Baker Vs Edwin Rodriguez

Match Information –

Match of – Craig Baker Vs Edwin Rodriguez

Type – Middleweight

Date – 23rd May 2015

Time – 4:30 pm ET

TV channels –

NBC, Box Nation and some other channels will be showing this match in their respective local areas. The match will also be available on the internet. Thus anyone with a valid internet connection can watch this match online.

Personal Information and Record –

Here is some useful information about both boxers –

Craig Baker –

  • Stance – Orthodox
  • Nickname – EI Gato Negro
  • Nationality – USA

Record –

  • Total Fights – 16
  • Won – 16
  • KO – 0
  • Lost 0
  • Draw – 0

Edwin Rodriguez –

  • Height – 183 cm
  • Reach – 190 cm
  • Nationality – Dominican Republic
  • Nickname – La Bomba
  • Stance – Orthodox

Record –

  • Total Fights – 27
  • Wins – 26
  • KO – 17
  • Losses – 1
  • Draw – 0

Preview –

Craig baker aka El Gato Negro will be taking on Edwin on this Friday on a huge bout. Craig Baker is a new name in the boxing world but his undefeated record doesn’t tell much about him. He can’t punch that hard but he can take a good amount of hits. His style is more like hit and don’t get hit. A popular technique but he needs more power to do something better with his talent. He still hasn’t managed to get a single KO after almost 16 matches and that is bad news for him. He will play this match as the underdog.

The La Bomba aka Edwin Rodriguez is a hard hitter and in boxing having power is very important. From my view, this opponent will take time to beat for him but he has a solid chance of winning here. He lost 1 match so far in his career but that should not affect his performance as the man with 17 KO is playing someone who hasn’t played 17 matches yet. He is the clear favorite to win here.


Prediction –

Edwin Rodriguez will win this match from how we see things. But he will need quite a bit of time to achieve this win.

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