Chris Avalos VS Rey Perez (Boxing): Live stream, Broadcaster list, Head to head, Prediction, News update, info

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Chris Avalos VS Rey Perez – preview

Chris Avalos VS Rey Perez (Boxing)

Match Information –

Match of – Chris Avalos Vs Rey Perez (boxing live stream online on TV channel HD to free watch)

Type – feather weight

Date – 1st August 2015

Venue – Dr Pepper Arena

Place – Frisco, Texas

Head to Head –

Matches Played – 0

Chris Avalos –0

Rey Perez – 0

Tie/ Abandon – 0

Personal Information –

Here is all the important information needed about both boxer –

Chris Avalos –

Country – United States

Height – 170 cm

Reach – 178 cm

Stance – orthodox

Nickname – Chris

Record –

  • Total fights – 28
  • Wins – 25
  • KO – 19
  • Losses – 3
  • Lost by KO – 0
  • Tie/ Draw – 0

Rey Perez –

Country – Philippines

Height – 168 cm

Reach – 177 cm

Stance – Orthodox

Nickname – Flash/ Sindangan Technician

Record –

  • Bouts – 26
  • Wins – 20
  • Losses – 6
  • KO – 5
  • Lost by KO – 1
  • Tie/ Draw – 0

Preview –

Perez aka “Flash’ who is known for his fast attacks and really good techniques will be fighting against the odds to win this match. There is no doubt that he is a great fighter and he will do everything he can to win this match. However, he doesn’t have a lot of power backing him up and thus he will be on the defensive in this match. His balanced physique might not work that well in this match and so he will have to rely on his technique to do something in this match.

Avalos on the other hand is our favorite to win this match. He fought slightly more matches and he won most of them. His power is something to be afraid of as well. He is known for his very hard punches and he is very good at knocking everyone out. He will be hoping for a dominant win in this match but he will have to fight at his best to win this match in the end.

Prediction –

We predict that Christopher Avalos will win this match.

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