Carl Froch vs George Groves II Fight (KO) Video

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Saturday, May 31st, 2014 | 23

Carl Froch Knocked out George Groves with a massive right hand in 8th round, having dominated the fight in the early rounds. Super Stuff

Absolutely terrible result for George Groves as he got knocked out in the 9th round of the rematch fight, Froch was much the better fighter in the early rounds, while Groves found it difficult to get through his jab. The knocked out came in the 9th round with a massive right hand punch.

Short Highlights & KO

Post Match Interviews:

Froch knockout Groves 2014 rematch

Carl Froch vs George Groves – Full Fight
Date: 31 May 2014 – Time: not before 10:00 BST
Venue: Wembley Longdon, United Kingdom.
Content: Full Fight Replay

[ Check back 1 hour after the fight for full fight replay. ]

Carl Froch vs George Groves Full Fight Replay Video

Groves has chance of a lifetime to not only win World Championship title by defeated Carl Froch in the rematch but also to gain worldwide recognition in what could be the biggest fight in history of British boxing. The rematch will be taking place in front of packed 80,000 wembley crowd on 31st May 2014 and we will be placing full fight replay video after the fight right here while

In the first fight, Froch defeated Groves in quite controversial circumstances which lead to shouts of rematch immediately when referee stopped the fight. Groves is at it again by trying to provoke Froch and doing all sort of trash talk ahead of the big fight while Froch seems much more relaxed.

Round by Round Video Replay of Groves vs Froch:

Just like the first fight we will be updating froch vs groves round by round updates with 3 minutes videos immediately after the fight while you can bookmark this page and comeback here a couple of hours later to get the full fight video with skysports coverage.

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  • lee

    you watch the build up then nothing just as i suspeted

    • Admin

      @ Lee

      Yeah it happens specialy when the main event starts…. server gets busy too much and streams go down… it always the case. I am thinking of making my own paid streams they wont go down 1 second. how much you are willing to pay for that ? i am thinking 1 GBP for every PPV ?

  • Tony

    i watched it perfectly all the build up and the fight GROVES WAS ROBBED thanks for the good stream

  • Bigman

    Froch didn’t deserve win and I’m big froch fan

    • ashton

      yes he did! groves couldn’t keep up the pace and it was always gonna happen sooner or later in the fight. froch always finishes to well for him to deal with!.

  • Gordo

    Thanks a lot

  • Ossie

    The ref’ missed the second, deliberate ‘elbow’ from Froch when Groves was in/near the corner. Had he seen it, it would have earned Groves an extra point and given him a breather etc. Groves was over hasty, as was the ref’ too, far too hasty; at the point of contention, Froch did not deserve his win.

  • Joshua

    The fight shouldn’t have been stopped….BUT… and its a big BUT… Groves was inexperienced and should have either taken a knee or grabbed hold of Froch…he tried to fight back and wobbled…
    Carl caught him with some good shots… at the time it looked like Groves had nothing to give back…

    Inexperience cost him the fight… the referee just acted like any other referee

    Rematch a must…

  • Ian

    Never heard such a biased commentary. Even before the first bell it was Groves this and Groves that and belittling everything Froch did. It was a good fight but not so one sided as Jim Watt would have us believe.

    • Graham

      Well said I agree completely

  • dazza

    will froch do it agian

  • SD

    Hi Sameer, the stream has reverted back to Sky Sports 1. Can you correct it and get us back to box office?

  • the epic legend

    when will it be on box office

  • Simon Butler

    Great stream, thank you

  • guy

    is there a ful replay anywhere?

  • kev

    No, unfortunately not

  • RUE!

    shut up duzza u shed

  • the truth

    WEll well well.. small ring suits frock. also groves should get fock to do blood check im sure he is on steroids. also groves shat it in the big crowd got nervous.

  • realtalk

    tyson would kill them both

    • Geoff

      Which Tyson? Mike or Fury? Both are heavyweights, and one’s long retired, so I’ve no idea what either has got to do with Froch or Groves (Super Middleweights).

  • iwasthere

    Did you watch the fight Mr Arshad? It was the 8th round, not the 9th.

    • Sameer

      I was checking you…you pass!

  • Hacker pro

    Good fights

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