Possible Opponents for Carl Froch Next Fight & Date

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How Much Carl Froch Net WorthBritish fighter Carl Froch made history by beating George Groves in the much anticipated rematch in front of 80,000 wembley crowd and he did it in some style, knockout Groves out and ending this debate once it for all. He not only started the fight better this time around but also put a convincing stamp with a devastating knockout which might put a big question mark on George Groves career and now the question is, who’s next ?

Well Froch has a few options under his belt but he wants to take the summer off, think about it and than comeback with potentialy his last fight of the career. Following are the few names which are muting for a november 2014 fight.

Julio César Chávez, Jr – (48-1-1 – 32 KOs)

Now this is the name mentioned by Carl Froch in the interview morning after Groves rematch and Chavez Jr has already accepted the inofficial challenge. This fight makes alot of sense, Froch wants to fight in Vegas and Chavez Jr has huge fan base combine it with English fans at Las Vegas and we will have a superb fight in place.

This is the most likely fight which Froch might take and looking at both fighters I think Froch has the momentum on his end and he will go into the fight slight favourite if ever this is going to happen.

Andre Ward – (27-0-0 – 14 KO’s)

Ward comprehansively defeated Froch couple of years ago and he is only fighter Froch has faced and not beaten. Froch has hinted that he would like to avenge the defeat while Andre Ward also explained his willingness to fight Froch even at wembley but Ward’s fights are hard to sell.

He is known for being a cagey fighter and with all due respect he is a bit boring plus it pose a big threat for Froch to end the career with another defeat which will leave a bad taste in the mouth and Ward don’t have big enough following in USA so hard to see a rematch between these two.

Mikkel Kessler – (46-3-0 – 35 KO’s)

Kessler and Froch have fought twice before with one apiece and Danish legend has recently came out of retirement and challenged Froch for the 3rd fight to decide the rivalry. This is another fight which Froch can take and it will generate good money. But in my openion it is not going to happen, because Froch is looking for a much bigger pay day.

James Degale – (19-1-0 – 13 KO’s)

There were rumours that winner of Degale-Gonzalez fight will take on winner of Groves-Froch but with Groves getting a devastating knockout its hard to see Froch going for another domestic bout. Having said that Groves vs James Degale II makes alot more sense than Froch-Degale.

But if this fight is going to happen I can see the same result, Degale to come out stronger but Froch getting a stoppage towards the later rounds.

Sakio Bika – (32-5-3 – 21 KO’s)

Another name in the hat is Sakio Bika who was at Wemble and in the post fight interview he hinted that talks with Froch are already underway but this is another fight just like ward which is hard to sell.

Froch Next Fight Possible Dates
Fight Date Time Venue
Froch vs Chavez Jr 22 or 29 November 03:00 AM BST Las Vegas, USA
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