Canelo Alvarez vs Lara Purse Payouts (12 July 2014 Fight)

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, June 9th, 2014 | 3

Canelo Alvarez is set to pocket $3 million to $7million in his upcoming PPV event fight against super walterweight champion Erisandy Lara on 12 July 2014. The purse split is believed to be around 70/30 in favour of Canelo Alvarez who is on the “class A” side.

Previously Miguel Cotto was offered $10 million to fight Canelo Alvarez whi he refused and took a fight against Sergio Martinez where he made $7 million minimum plus the PPV buys share while Martinez pocketed just $1.5 million.

Canelo Alvarez Showtime Deal:

Canelo Alvarez currently has a 80-20 split deal with golden boy which gets him way more than the base purse money which is expected to be around $3 million in his next fight.

Canelo Alvarez – Erislandy Lara Purse Payouts 
FIGHT Purse Split Canelo Purse Lara Purse Expected PPV Buys
Alvarez vs Lara 70/30 $3million $1m 350k
Canelo vs Lara – Undercard Fights Purse
Abner Mares  $500K
Jonathan Oquendo $100k
Francisco Vargas  $75k
Juan Manuel Lopez $50k
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  • lee stott

    I see this fight being a 50 50 bout as lara is a very good boxer who can mix it with the best ov them or just coast to a win ,his win against trout was a lot easier than canelos was ,,this fight will do at least the 350k mark possiby breaking 400 000,,,glad to see lara getting a 1mil guarantee plus a piece ov the ppv profits,,,mares is,nt doing to bad either ,,500k for a tune up bout till he gets the rematch with gonzalez or fights for another title,,,wtf has happend to lopez a couple ov yrs ago b4 salido n garcia stopped him he was getting the 500 000 paydays for defending his title,,n now he,s gettin 50 thousand,,less than every boxer on the card plus he,s coming off a decent win over deleon,,,,that guy had potential n its a shame he wasted it by not training properly n going up to near 200 pounds between fights,,,

  • mcrd0311

    Lara has never fought anybody like Canelo, who has a huge fan base. Whereas, Lara who refused to wait in line and use cheap talk to get this fight; his fan base you can load into a small van.

  • mcrd0311

    So why should he get anything? he should fight for free. Lara is a rude and unprofessional fighter who uses his mouth to get his way. Canelo should of told him to get in back of the line and prove yourself. Instead Lara gets floored twice by Angulo.

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