Boxer David Price Claims to Have KO’d Anthony Joshua in Sparring

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Saturday, August 13th, 2016 | 0

British heavyweight David Price has claimed to have knocked out unbeaten compatriot Anthony Joshua during a sparring session in 2011.

Price (20-3), who is best known for winning the bronze medal at 2008 Beijing Olympics, said that he never wanted to make this public, but now that Joshua – the 2012 London gold-medalist – has climbed up the professional ranks, he could not refrain from spilling the beans.

“It’s probably the worst kept secret in boxing and it’s something that I’ve never really brought up or mentioned,” the 33-year-old Price told Sky Sports.

Ever since turning professional in 2013, Joshua (17-0) has won all of his bouts via stoppages that have earned him the coveted IBF heavyweight title among the others. Price, however, believes that he could put a stop to Joshua’s supremacy in the near future.

“When it happened, Joshua was an amateur on the Great Britain squad and I was a novice pro and I kept it to myself because he was an up and coming potential boxer,” he continued. “I wanted to protect him from it, didn’t want to go around boasting about it.

“But our positions have changed and he’s IBF heavyweight champion of the world. I’m someone who would definitely be interested in having a shot at it, and I thought the time was right to let the cat out of the bag and let people know.”

Price, a 6-foot 8-inch giant, has previously held the British and Commonwealth, and English heavyweight titles ever since turning professional in 2009.







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