Bernard Hopkins Wants Another Fight Then Retirement

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Thursday, November 13th, 2014 | 0

bernard hopkins retirement

Bernard Hopkins retirement? Not yet according to “B-Hop”…..

Boxing legend and former multi-title world champion Bernard Hopkins attempted to make history this past weekend, but was turned away by the younger and faster Sergey Kovalev over 12 rounds. At the ripe old fighting age of 49, many fans have been talking of a Bernard Hopkins retirement in the wake off his one-sided loss to “Krusher”.

Talking recently with Sky Sports, transcribed by ESPN, Hopkins says that he wants just one more fight before calling it quits:

“Who will I fight? I don’t know, but it will be somebody I will be an underdog against because I want to be the underdog. If this is the last time I’m going into the ring, I will not cheat myself. It will not be a freak show. I will never short-change myself and my dignity. It will be somebody that’s a champion. It will be from a division beneath me but where they’re comfortable and I’m comfortable. It will be someone that’s dominating today.”

Hopkins is undoubtedly in fantastic shape for his age, but his loss to Kovalev shows that age is a lot more than a number. For fans of the ageing “Alien”, his loss in Atlantic City would’ve been hard to watch, but Hopkins insists he is still in the right shape, at least for one more bout:

“Physically, if you see me today, you’d think I didn’t have a fight. But inside, trust me – my arms, the back of my head and the top of my head – oh yeah, I was in a fight. I’ve been in the hot tub for the last 48 hours. I had the most underrated chin in boxing but I think that changed on Saturday. I’ve never been in this business to prove I can take a punch – that’s why I’ve been around so long.”

“People said I was crazy to fight him. Whether it’s in boxing, sport or even in life, you just have to man up. And you know what I’ve been hearing? People who started off rooting for the young guy ended up rooting for the old guy.”

Whether a Bernard Hopkins retirement in imminent or not, you have to respect one of the last remaining old school champions….

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