Bernard Hopkins Calls Out ‘Fraud’ Carl Froch

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Monday, February 9th, 2015 | 0

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At a time when boxing fans are being deprived of big fights, former middleweight and light-heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins has had enough. Known for wins over Felix Trinidad, Roy Jone Jr, Winky Wright, Antonio Tarver and many others, “The Executioner” has never hid from a fight.

Perhaps this is why comments by Carl Froch have the ageing “Alien” so frustrated. “The Cobra”, a four-time middleweight champ and current WBA (regular)/IBF super-middleweight boss, has been dancing around the idea of various fights this year. Aged 37 and holding a 33-2 record, Froch has repeatedly said he wants a fight in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It looks as though he will be facing Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, although there have been many other, bigger names thrown in to the mix. Froch even turned down a bout with Gennady Golovkin, but can you blame him? Check out what he said to get Bernard Hopkins so riled up:

“Because he is 50 and a legend I don’t want to fight him because it is almost a lose-lose situation,” Froch told BBC Sport. “I am expected to beat him. If I win people will say ‘he beat a 50-year-old man’. If I lose people would say ‘what’s going on? You’ve ruined your legacy. You finished your career on a loss against an old man.”

Obviously unhappy with these statements, Bernard Hopkins (55-7) responded over Twitter:

So what do you think, is Bernard Hopkins barking up the wrong tree, or should Carl Froch give the middleweight legend a shot?

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