Anthony Peterson Vs Ammeth Diaz (Boxing): Live stream, Head to head, Biography, statistics, records, Watch online, TV info

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Anthony Peterson Vs Ammeth Diaz – preview

Anthony Peterson Vs Ammeth Diaz

Match Information –

Match of – Anthony Peterson VS Ammeth Diaz

Date – 12th June 2015

Time – TBD

Type – light Welterweight

Venue – UIC Pavillion

Place – Chicago, USA


TV Channels –

This fight will be available online as the match will be live broadcasted on internet. Thus it is clear that anyone with a valid internet connection can watch this match from the internet if they have a valid internet connection.

Personal Information –

Here is all the useful personal information for both players –

Anthony Peterson –

Height – 173 cm

Reach – 188 cm

Stance – Orthodox

Country – USA

Record –

  • Fights – 35
  • Wins – 34
  • KO – 22
  • Lost – 1
  • Draw – 0

Ammeth Diaz –

Country – Panama

Alias – Cloroformo

Stance – Orthodox

Record –

  • Fights – 44
  • Wins – 32
  • KO – 23
  • Lost – 11
  • Lost by KO – 7
  • Draw – 0

Preview –

One of the most interesting match of this month may end up taking place tomorrow where two really good fighters take on each other and makes sure who is the better fighter among them. In that, Diaz is in the back foot as I see things. He is a good hard hitting player who has got a lot of experience but he lacks defense. Saying he can not take hits is more appropriate here. He can punch hard but that may be fruitless if he can’t take a few. He will be playing this match as the underdog.

The younger Peterson is our favorite in this match. He played less matches but he only lost once so far and won all the rest. He also can hit very hard and that may earn him this match. He is looking forward to this match as this is undoubtedly one of the most important match for him and he will fight with everything he has to win this match. He is the favorite here.

Prediction –

We predict that Anthony Peterson will win this match quite easily.

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